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Angela Celeste May-Scott, PhD

What do you do?

I am a psychologist, author/editor, public speaker, and educator with expertise in clinical, forensic, and organizational psychology, diversity, and more. I am also president of A.M. May & Associates, Inc., a counseling/consulting/coaching corporation that I co-founded while I was a doctorate student. We offer therapy for adults, corporate consulting, and personal, career, doctorate, and creative coaching.

I teach in the Doctoral Program for Clinical Psychology at University of Detroit Mercy, and in the Psychology Department at Wayne County Community College District. I also serve as President of the Michigan Psychological Association Foundation Board, and on the Executive Board of Michigan Psychological Association, and newly recruited member of the Michigan Health Council’s Professions Board representing the field of psychology.

I have been honored to use my platform to educate the public across media platforms including the National Association of Black Journalists,, in the movie, TRISTA (2019), and in a film by Detroit City Youth Opportunities Magazine addressing the effects of violence on youth (2019). I wrote the book Freedom: What is the experience of living without negative, self-imposed limitations? and edited works, including fiction, by other authors. As a vocalist and instrumentalist, music coach, recording artist/writer/producer and President of Celeste Productions, Inc. I have performed internationally, at New York’s Carnegie Hall, in the movie, SOLOMON (2019), released two CDs of original music, and produce/direct music videos. I have been featured in 2020 Who’s Who in Black Detroit, honored as a Distinguished Alumni Awardee of Marygrove College, and am a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

Involvement in ABPsi Detroit

I was mentored by some of the great Black psychologists of our time: Drs. Cereta Perry, Aombeye Ramsey, and Patricia Wallace among others. As a young psychologist I held them in high esteem; many had served as founders and leaders of the initial Michigan Association of Black Psychologists that began in 1968. So, when I heard the news that they wanted us to gather, I was there! They handed us the baton and told us not to let their decades of hard work falter. That was the beginning of what would become the newly established Metro Detroit Association of Black Psychologists. I volunteered as Secretary under our wonderful first President, Dr. Anita Sani in 1998. The following year while voting on our second administration, Denise Wallace grabbed my wrist and thrust my arm into the air! Before I knew it, I was Vice President under our second fantastic leader, Dr. Sheila Williams-White. I proudly served as the third President of Metro-Detroit ABPsi, and during my tenure we established an annual Juneteenth event to increase community awareness about the holiday, our heritage, and our organization. These events were attended by people from all over Metro-Detroit.

Who is your favorite Black Psychologist? 

It would have to be Dr. Alvin Aombaye Ramsey. I first met him at Center for Humanist Studies where he became my thesis advisor and later my clinical supervisor when I was a doctorate student at Union Institute. He was the first person to tell me that I must publish my thesis as a book, arranged for me to interview the great humanistic pioneer, Dr. Cereta Perry for my study, and contributed to my ability to go into private practice two weeks after graduating from the Master’s program. A humanistic psychologist and expert in play therapy Aombaye was a fierce advocate for social justice. He encouraged all students but had a special place in his heart for helping Black students. With Harvard in his background, he was thoughtful, brilliant, wise, and loving. So much of my approach is influenced by my mentor and friend, may he rest in peace.

Where can people find more about you? 

Visit and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with our programs, events, and workshops. I can also be reached on LinkedIn, and Twitter at CelesteMus1. For music follow my music Facebook page, Dr. Angela Celeste May, visit where music from both of my CDs can be purchased, and iTunes and Amazon to purchase my second CD. Check out my YouTube channel (Angela Celeste May) to see some of my performances. My book Freedom is available at Amazon and And catch me every month on the Kim B. Davis podcast wherever you get your podcasts.

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