• Metro Detroit Association of Black Psychologist

Jennifer M. Gómez, Ph.D

11 years of experience, Assistant Professor: Trauma Psychologist/Researcher

Populations: Black and Other Minority Youth & Young Adults

Specialty: Clinical psychology; cultural betrayal trauma theory; betrayal trauma theory; institutional betrayal; trauma psychology; child sexual abuse; campus sexual violence; youth/young adults; Black/African Americans; cultural minorities; discrimination; cultural competency & humility

Location: Wayne State University, Department of Psychology, Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute for Child & Family Development (MPSI)

Contact: jennifer.gomez@wayne.edu

Read some of Dr. Gomez's most recent publications:

The Unique Harm of Sexual Abuse in the Black Community


Who's Betraying Who? R. Kelly, Sexual Violence, & The Dismissal of Black Women & Girls



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