ABPsi Detroit Spring 2020 Symposium

"The Talk" and COVID-19: The Influence of Racism and Racial Socialization in a Global Pandemic


Keynote Speaker: Dr. Riana Anderson 

For Black youth and adults, prolonged exposure to racial discrimination has resulted in debilitating psychological, behavioral, and health outcomes. To help their children prepare for and prevent the deleterious consequences of discrimination, many Black parents utilize racial socialization or communication about racialized experiences. And yet, during the COVID-19 global pandemic, the heightened attention to racism plaguing Black communities through virus transmission, treatment, and mortality has both heightened the need for and changed the content of racial socialization. As such, how racial socialization processes and skills development can help youth and parents heal from the effects of past, current, and future racial trauma is important. Greater racial socialization competency is proposed as achievable through intentional and mindful practice, thus, this symposium will explore theories and practices important in the healing processes of racial trauma for participants, clinicians, and researchers alike, especially in times of exceptional stress.

-Define racial stress and specific coping theories

-Identify stress-reducing coping practices

-Practice race-based trauma recovery techniques

*A special thanks to Wayne State Psych Clinic, who sponsored $100 to make the video free! 


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