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Rhonda Ravenell, MS, PhD Candidate


Member of Detroit ABPsi since 2015. 
ABPsi Detroit Fundraising Committee Member
  • Doctoral Program: Grand Canyon University
  • Masters Program: Purdue University
  • Undergraduate: Purdue University


Dr. Ravenell is trained in clinical psychology and currently works in education, where she provides school counseling and assessments to Students K-12. She specializes in helping youth with behavioral issues, learning disabilities, mood disorders, and anger issues. She also has a clinical background working with mothers and families and being a behavior analyst. Dr. Ravenell's objective is to help individuals recognize their problems through coaching, group and individual sessions, and assessments to help her clients overcome their challenges. Before her psychology career, Dr. Ravenell owned and operated Reliable Bookkeeping Tax Service for over 28 years seasonally and worked in various industries (i.e., Black Enterprise Magazine, JP Morgan Advertising Agency, Comerica Bank, American Reinsurance) as a full-charge bookkeeper and credit analyst.


Dr. Ravenell has authored two books, Daily Living Inspired by the Word for Today and "Woman Know Thyself: A Guide to Understanding your Purpose" to be released in 2022. She also had a successful 20-year career as a national recording artist. 

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