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Volunteer as a Board Officers

Becoming a board officer is an exciting opportunity for those who want to make a meaningful impact in their organization. As a board officer, you are given the responsibility to lead, direct, and make critical decisions for the group. It takes a certain level of commitment, dedication, and passion for the group's mission and goals. Being a board officer requires excellent communication and organizational skills, as well as the ability to build strong relationships with fellow officers, members, and stakeholders.

Pile of Coins


We urge you to think about donating to our organization. Your contribution will help us fund our scholarships, community projects, organizational requirements, and future conferences.

New Board Officers Wanted

We are looking for new board officers. Officers will be elected in June and assume office in Septemeber. 

Become a Member

It is very easy to become a member and join our growing chapter! Connect with some of the most influential and best psychologists in the Metro Detroit area. 


Please consider making a financial donation to our organization. 

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